About Ujawal

About Ujawal

Who: I am Ujawal Singh from Delhi, Married to an Anglo Indian Girl who is also a food lover and we have a year old son.

My father was in Defense hence and i had the opportunity to stay in various places across North India including (Punjab, Rajasthan, UP, New Delhi). I also consider these places to be on top of my food rankings and Culture.

Love :

I love when a gravy releases the oil, I love when the chicken is cooked perfectly. I love a perfect crust of a pizza. I love perfectly cooked Rice grains. I love when the Poori takes the perfect shape. I love the sound of a nice Tadka. I love the aromas of spices.

Where: I had to move to Bengalruru for a job. I work with a tax Firm.

What – Indian food blogger, food photographer and recipe developer.

The Story…

After moving to Bengaluru, i really missed having Delhi food and initially had a difficult time to search for a good north indian restaurant which would serve food just like Delhi. Hence to satisfy my hunger cravings i started cooking North Indian food by learning from you tube and from different blogs, after cooking for some time i started posting the food pictures on Instagram. In this blog you will also find food recipes prepared by me .

Work with us:

If you are looking for someone for an association with your brand. Please don’t hesitate to contact me  or drop an email at ujawalsingh1988@gmail.com