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Noodles Spring Rolls.

Springs rolls are enjoyed as starters in almost all the Indian cities, Its widely made with different forms of fillings like veg , paneer, chicken noodles and i have seen chocolate too. My personal favourite is chicken spring rolls. I relish it like anything on my every visit to New Delhi.

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Serves – 3

Ingredients 🌰🧄🧄

1- Noodles
2- Cabbage
3- Carrot
4- Garlic
5- Soya sauce
6- Vinegar
7- Red Chilly sauce
8- Salt
9- Oil
10- Refined flour
11- Onions

Noodles preperation
1- In a pan boil water, add salt , refined oil. Once boiled add noodles and boil until noodles are soft. Strain out and rinse in cold water and drizzle some oil.
2- In a pan heat oil, add garlic, onions and stir fry on a high flame.
3- Add finely chopped cabbage , chopped carrots and mix.
4- After cooking veggies add noodles and give a nice mix.
5- Add salt, soy sauce , red chilly sauce and vinegar.
6- Once cooked cool down the noodles completely.

Spring rolls dough.

1- Take refined flour , add salt, oil and mix.
2- Add water as required and knead a soft dough.
3-Drizzle some oil and massage the dough nicely.
4- Put some oil on your fingers and apply on the dough and keep it to rest for 1 hr.

Imp Note – The dough should be soft.

Spring roll prep

1- Knead the dough once nicely.
2- Pinch a small sized dough ball, sprinkle some dry flour and roll a thin chapati. Dough will shrink after each roll hence roll it nicely.Ensure its thin.
3- Place little noodles on one side and roll it, after one roll cover the sides and roll it again.
4- Keep some space at the end and apply some water with a brush.
5- Roll the dough comepletly and ensure its tighty sealed.
6- Keep the rolls aside for 5 mins.
7- Deep fry the spring rolls on a lown flame for three minutes first and take it out.
8- Deep fry again after 5 minutes on a high flames for 3- 4 mins until nicely brown.
9- Cut the springs in a shape u like and sprinkle some chaat masala (thats optional).
10- Enjoy!