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Hakka Noodles Recipe – How to make vegetables hakka noodles

Hakka noodles is a very popular indo chinese dish. Its always available in most of the restaurants in India. People enjoy this a lot on street food. You will find many street vendors selling this on Indian streets, as its hugely popular among all age groups and its very easy to make it too. It is loaded with vegetables and thus a great way to add vegetables in your kids meal.

Made by – Ujawal Singh
Recipe Servings – 2
Preperation time – 20 Mins
Cook time – 10 mins
Total Cook time – 30 Mins
Difficulty Level – Easy
Type – Oriental/indian Chinese

Ingredients to make Hakka Noodles.
Finely chopped ginger and garlic
1 capsicum Juliennes
1 carrot juliennes
Cabbage finely chopped
Green chilies
2 tsp soy sauce
Red chilly paste
1 medium onion finely chopped
Crushed black pepper powder 1 tsp.

Method to make noodles
1- Boil the noodles with little salt and oil in it. Once cooked strain it and pour some cold water on it.
2- Heat a pan and add oil.Let the flame be high.
3- Add garlic , ginger and chillies saute for 30 seconds. Add onions and cook it for another 1 min.
4- Add cabbage , capsicum and carrots. Cook it all together for 2 mins on a high flame.
5- Add soy sauce , red chilly paste, salt and black pepper. Mix it all nicely.
6- Add boiled noodles and mix it thoroughly with the vegetables.
7- Serve hot.